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Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water Solar Hot Water

A Homesmart Solar Hot Water System, (often referred to as an Evacuated Tube Solar System, or Solar Thermal Energy) in it simplest form, harnesses the sun’s natural free energy via solar panels located on your roof, transferring the abundant energy into your hot water cylinder for use in your home.

From washing the dishes to having a bath or a shower is something we all take for granted and can’t live without. With a Homesmart Solar Hot Water Panel system you can rest assured that these daily functions of life will become virtually free!

By reducing your reliance on fossil fuels to heat your hot water, you are not only helping the environment in reducing your carbon footprint, you could be saving up to 70% a year on your hot water bills.  For more information please view our document, Why Choose Solar?.

Hassle Free Complete Solution

Homesmart provides a complete hassle free Solar Thermal Hot Water Kit, which is designed to give installers everything they need when fitting the system in your home.

All our Homesmart solar panel require very little maintenance and come guaranteed for 10 years. For more information about Homesmart’s guarantee please click here.